Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc. (″the Company″) shall take the following steps to appropriately safeguard personal information specified in laws relating to personal data protection (i.e., information relating to living persons that enables specific individuals to be identified through names, dates of birth, or other details contained in the information. This definition includes information that enables specific individuals to be easily identified by comparing the information with other data. Hereafter such information is referred to simply as ″personal information″ and the individual specified by the relevant personal information is referred to as ″the individual″).

The Company shall:

  • Acquire personal information by lawful and honest means.
  • Specify the purpose of use when handling personal information, and use such information solely within the scope of the specified purpose and to the extent required for the conduct of its business.
  • Notify the individual of the purpose of use or publicly announce it when acquiring personal information, unless that purpose of use has already been announced. Note that in cases where personal information is acquired directly from the individual, the purpose of use will be made clear to the individual in advance.
  • Strive to prevent leakage, loss, damage, or unauthorized access to personal information by taking appropriate data safety management measures when storing acquired information in databases.
  • Refrain from providing personal information in databases mentioned in the preceding paragraph to third parties without the consent of the individual, except when required to do so by laws or regulations.
  • Strive to manage personal information appropriately by training its officers and employees in personal data protection and appointing a data manager in each division that handles personal information.
  • Properly undertake the necessary and appropriate supervision of any third party contracted to process personal information in databases specified in Paragraph 4 above, to ensure the safe management of such information. When concluding contracts relating to the processing of personal information in databases specified in Paragraph 4 above, the Company shall thoroughly examine the competence of the contractor and address personal data protection practices in drafting the contract.
  • Establish a personal information help desk, and respond promptly to any reasonable request from an individual for their personal information to be confirmed, revised, etc.
  • Comply with personal data protection laws and other relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, and continually review and strive to improve this Privacy Policy.
  • Thoroughly acquaint Group companies with the principles of this Privacy Policy.

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Privacy Policy

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