Company History

1907 Founded as a joint venture by three companies-Hokkaido Colliery Steamship Company of Japan, Armstrong Whitworth Co.,Ltd.,UK, and Vickers Sons and Maxim, Ltd.,UK.
1915 Headquarters are transferred to Tokyo.
1919 Merged with Hokkaido Steel & Iron Company Started the business of mining and iron-making
1931 Separated the above-said business
1945 Started civil goods production
1950 The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. is dissolved and reestablished.
1973 Granted ASME U and U2 Certificates
1974 Granted ASME NPT Certificate(QSC in 1975)
1983 Awarded the Deming Prize
1994 Granted ISO 9001, 9002 Certificates
1998 Granted ISO 14001 Certificate
2002 Granted ISO 9001 Certificate(9001 and 9002 combined)
2003 Renewal of 10,000-ton press to maximum capacity of 11,000 tons (14,000-ton maximum deposit)
2007 The company marks the centenary year of its founding.
The headquarters is moved to Osaki in Tokyo.
2009 Granted OSHMS Certificate
2011 Produced the 670-ton steel ingot (world's largest)
2019 Granted ASME U3 Certificate
2020 Japan Steel Works M&E is established.  Steel and Energy Products Business and Wind Power Equipment Maintenance Service Business as well as four group companies of JSW were integrated into the newly established subsidiary.

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