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Steel Pressure Vessel for Hydrogen Storage

Steel pressure vessels for Hydrogen stations (HyST300)

1. HyST300 model S

HyST300 model S has superior fatigue durability under cyclic operation and no limitation of useable years. Variable volume capacities, sizes and design codes (KHK or ASME) can be applied by customer’s request.


◇ Superior fatigue performance under high pressure hydrogen

  • JSW’s high purity, high hardenability ASME SA-723M steel demonstrated that fatique limit is not affected by hydrogen.

◇ High durability based on non-destructive inspection

  • Magnetic particle testing (MT) JIS Z2320 for entire internal surface is applied.
  • We make sure that there is no such a small surface defect existing on the internal surface before shipping.

2. HyST300 model R

HyST300 model R is a pressure vessel with world's highest level durability, whose usable fatigue life marks over 300K cycle.


◇ Cr-Mo seamless pipe contributes for superior performance under high pressure gaseous hydrogen environment.

  • Fatigue strength and life in hydrogen is equivalent to our conventional SA723M steel.
  • Both spherical head and center of prodect demonstrate superior and homogeneous hardness distribution.

◇Both low cost and elimination of wrinkles are achieved by squeezed shape and wide bore.

  • Wrinkles of spherical head are eliminated easily by finishing.
  • Reliability of interior surface is ensured by non-destructive inspection of interior surface.
Cr-Mo seamless pipe(3,274KB)
HyST300 model R(323KB)

Hydrogen storage tanks using Hydrogen absorbing alloys (Metal Hydride: MH)

Hydrogen absorbing alloys have the advantages of storing hydrogen safely, compactly at low pressure. MH application contribute to promotion of hydrogen energy society.

1. Hydogen Absorbing Alloy : Hydrage™

JSW makes MH powder more safety and reliability with original technology.


◇ No limitation of MH quantity under the Fire Services Law

◇ High packing dencity

Hydogen Absorbing Alloy

2. Metal Hydride Tanks

MH Tanks are used in many fields due to the flexibility in design based on our extensive experiences.


◇ Safe storage of Hydrogen at low pressure

◇ Flexible disign for various applications

Large MH tanks for Stationary Use (storage capacity: 1,000Nm³)
APF MH Tanks for Stationary Use (storage capacity: 1,000Nm³)
Automatic Hydrogen Charging System
Standard Small MH Tanks

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