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Main Products & Services

  • Steel Casting and Forging
  • Steel Plates (Clad Plates)
  • Welding Fabrication (Pressure Vessels, Clad Pipes)
  • New Energy Sources and Hydrogen Energy
  • Maintenance and Inspection Services
  • Machining
Trade name Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc.
Headquarters 4, Chatsucho, Muroran-shi, Hokkaido 051-8505, JapanAccess
Founded April 1, 2020
Capital ¥100,000,000
Employees 1,450

Main Products & Service

Steel Casting & Forging
  • Thermal, Hydraulic & Nuclear Power Generator Components (rotor shafts, casings, runners)
  • Nuclear Power Plant Components(shells, heads, pipes)
  • Gas Turbines & Super Conductive Power Generator Components(high-alloy steel disks, super high-alloy steel)
  • Iron & Steel Plant Components(housings, columns, large bells, forged steel rolls)
  • Industrial Components(pinions, Tyres, large bearings, press components)
  • ICT Materials (low thermal expansion)
  • Marine Construction Components(TLP components, wellheads)
  • Mold Materials (low-and high-alloy steel, tools)
  • Long Span Steel Bridge Components(shoes, tower links, cable bands, saddles)
  • Earth-Moving & Mining Parts
Steel Plates
  • Clad Plates (stainless, high-alloy steel, nonferrous metals)
  • Plates for Nuclear Reactor Vessel
  • Boiler Plates
  • High-Strength Steel Plates
  • Extra Thick Carbon Steel Plates
Welding Fabrication
  • Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers(for oil refineries and petrochemical plants)
  • Clad Pipes
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Equipment (casks, tanks)
  • Weld Construction (tanks, chimneys)
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Nonferrous Equipment(aluminum, copper)
New Energy Sources & Hydrogen Energy
  • MH(metal hydride) Systems for Hydrogen Storage
  • Steel Pressure Vessel for Hydrogen Storage
Maintenance and Inspection Services
  • Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
  • Thermal & Nuclear Power Generation Facilities
  • Environmental Facilities
  • Wind-Power Generation Facilities
  • Hydraulic Press, Material Handling Equipment
  • Non-Destructive Examination/UT、MT、PT、RT、ET、VT、ST、Others
  • Examination Survey
    Destructive Accidents Investigation of equipment、 Fitness for Service Assessment、Replication Method, Others
  • Analytical Survey
    Steel Metal Analysis、Environmental Analysis、Others
  • Material Test
    Material Test、Fatigue Test、Creep Test、Fracture Toughness Test、Others
  • Machining and Finishing Assembly of Castings, Forgings and Welded Construction
  • Machining and Assembly of Various Industrial Machine Parts
  • Design and Fabrication of Dedicated Processing Machines and Special Processing Equipment
  • NC Retrofit and Improvement of Machine Tools
  • Overhaul and Maintenance of Machine Tools and General Industrial Machines
  • NC Program Creation, Design and Production of Tooling, Consulting on Machining Technique
  • Worker Dispatch business
Authorizations and permissions
  • Special Construction
    License No.: Governor (Toku-3) No. 2025
    Date of issuance: December 7, 2021
    Type of business: General Civil Engineering; General Building; Scaffolding, Earthwork and Concrete; Electrical; Plumbing; Tile, Brick and Block; Steel Structure; Painting; Paving; Machine and Equipment Installation; Landscaping and Gardening; Water and Sewerage Facilities, Steel metal work business, Demolition work
  • ASME/U、U2、U3、QSC
  • ISO/9001、14001、17025
Sales Headquarters (Tokyo Sales Office) Sales Headquarters (Osaka Sales Office) Sales Headquarters (Muroran Sales Office)
Gate City Ohsaki-West Tower, 11-1, Osaki 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032, Japan>>Access Shinanobashi Mitsui Bldg.,11-7 Utsubohonmachi 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0004,Japan>>Access 4,Chatsu cho, Muroran-shi, Hokkaido 051-8505,Japan>>Access
TEL:+81-3-5745-2056 TEL:+81-6-6446-2490 TEL:+81-3-5745-2058
FAX:+81-3-5747-2063~65 FAX:+81-6-6446-2488 FAX:+81-143-24-3440
Product & Construction group
TEL:+81-143-24-2744 FAX:+81-143-22-0036
Inspection & Investigation group
TEL:+81-143-22-8386 FAX:+81-143-24-7841

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