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Clad Plates and Pipes

Our clad product has been used for various fields.

Clad Plate

We started our hot roll bonded clad plate business in 1958. Our speciality and world-class capability are based on extensive experience for decades and we're sure it could contribute to customers' successes in the future.


Clad Plates are one of composite steel plates which is bonded steel plates and various expensive alloys. Our Clad Plates are one of functional materials which have various features which solid materials do not have and are ecomonical enough materials.
The usage of our Clad Plates is tanks and pressure vessels manly for oil & gas sector, but is also for ocean development, power, environment, infrastructure, chemical, food and many kind of industries.
Our products are manufactured under our high-level quality control system and we have recieved excellent praise from all over the world.


Our Clad Plates are manufactured by "HOT ROLL BONDING" method combining materials as request from the customers.


Catalog of Clad Plate Brochure distribution is temporarily suspended.

Clad Pipe

Our clad pipe contributes to energy industry, the main application is a pipeline for natural gas transportation which requires high quaity product. On top of that, our business extend to varios fields all over the world.


We are a pioneer of clad pipe manufacturer and we continue our production along with established skills and totally integrated quality control/assurance system.
In addition, we also manage induction bend, welded component and other accessories with our subcontractors.


Natural gas is rather environment-friendly than other fossil fuels and many developments are planned in the world. Our clad pipe's main application is for offshore subsea pipeline, it needs high standard from the view point of reliability/safety and we have received excellent reputation from customers such as oil majors, national oil companies in this industry.

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