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"Huge" and "High Quality" Rolls

All back up rolls manufactured by JSW M&E are forged steel products. Compared with cast steel products, forged rolls have high fatigue strength and spalling resistance. All users in Japan use forged back up rolls at present. JSW M&E has high ability to manufacture "huge" and "high quality" steel products. Plate mill Back up roll (PB roll) is no exception. JSW M&E can manufacture heavy PB rolls by forging. In addition, JSW M&E can manufacture high-Carbon-Cr-Mo steel that obtains good combination of both high wear resistance and high resistance to thermal shock cracking that lasts until the scrap diameter.

JSW M&E has been developing a manufacturing process to enlarge roll size. At the beginning, the size of PB rolls was 70Ton Class. However, thanks to the success of material development, JSW M&E has already succeeded in manufacturing and delivering 240Ton Class "Huge" PB rolls which are the largest size all over the world. JSW M&E has already supplied more than 400 pieces of PB rolls and enjoy a high reputation among many domestic and overseas customers. JSW M&E also has a lot of supply experiences of PB rolls over 200Ton manufactured from gigantic ingots (350Ton ~ 600Ton).

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