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Main Shaft for Crusher Plate for Testing Equipment Shaft for Reduction Gear
Dimension(mm) ø490/1210 X 4950L Hex. 2600 X 3000 X 400H ø1510 X 3805L
Weight 20ton 18.6ton 29.4ton
Material SFCM830 SCM440 SF540A
Length Adjustment Spool PBearing for Tunnel Boring Machine Bridge Shoe (Upper and Lower)
Dimension(mm) Flange: ø812.8z
Axes: ø557.5
Inner: ø381.0
Length: 11,036
7200od X 525H 5,000 X 5,000 X 2,500
Weight 11.2ton 42.4ton 224.6ton
Material A707-Mod SCM445 SCMn2A
Main Shaft for Crusher
Dimension(mm) 1,650 X 1,350 X 800
Weight 2.0ton
Material Mn Steel

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