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JSW M&E provides the inspection work for petroleum refineries and chemical plants, based on general non-destructive examination methods and originally developed inspection technology.
JSW M&E provides the high quality inspection services in short time by using the above inspection technologies.

Inspection Technique Typical inspection application area
Manual UT Weld joint, Weld overlay Disbonding
Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)-UT Weld seams
Magnetic particle exam. (MT)
/ Liquid penetrant exam. (PT)
Weld seams, Weld overlay
Widespread Array UT
(Flat Array UT) *
Weld overlay Disbonding
Boiler tube inspection system * Thickness measurement for Boiler tube
High speed inspection system for heat exchanger tube (HI-UT) * Thickness measurement for heat exchanger tube
Thickness measurement system for storage tank
(T-RIS / G-RIS) *
Thickness measurement of plates for oil storage tank
Thickness measurement system for 3D surface
(Flex-Array UT) *
Thickness measurement for piping, elbow, etc.
Replication, Hardness measurement,
Positive Material Identification (PMI),
Ferrite measurement
Basemetal, Weld seam, Weld overlay

JSW M&E will consider and customize various other inspections as well.
*mark : JSW M&E’s original inspection technology.

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